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Ideally all automatic gates are set up on a structural metal frame, good quality pivots (hinges) or wheels and swung from galvanised steel posts set in their own concrete footing – not attached to masonry piers. This principle is followed through the full range of gates we offer:-
Twin Swing Gates
Probably the most common of all driveway gates as they present well and are very functional. They are ideal where driveway access is critical. They are also suitable when a rising driveway requires gates to swing outward yet still stay within the boundary line. To view a typical shop drawing Click here

Single Swing Gates
Fulfill many needs when the radius of swing is not critical. They only require one gate operator (motor). The gate can be fabricated to “look” like traditional twin gates yet be only one leaf. To view a typical shop drawing Click here


Inground Automation System
An ideal approach when the aesthetics of the gates are critical, such as with traditional wrought iron designs. The gate operators (motors) are set below ground so that the gates appear to open themselves
. This is unique, commercial grade equipment, with no visible moving components. To view a typical shop drawing Click here


Slide Gates
Often chosen when space on the driveway is critical as there is no radius of swing. Usually best set out on level ground. Can also be an advantage in high wind areas where swing gates have to battle high wind resistance. To view a typical shop drawing Click here


Clad/Infill Gates (Timber or Metal Cladding)
For use when clients require privacy, sound reduction or simply an architectural feature. Automatic gates are always superior when built around a well fabricated metal frame. The frame can be a feature of the gate or can be fully clad. This aspect needs to be taken into account when fabricating the gate.
To view a typical shop drawing Click here


Bifold Gates
Work as normal swing gates yet each leaf is halved by hinging each leaf in the centre of the panel. They have the big advantage of a reduced radius of swing of the gate when opening into a limited parking spot i.e. the front yard of a house


Telescopic Slide Gate
Works as a normal slide gate but only requires half the length of the gate in which to slide when fully opened. An ideal solution for restricted opening situations
.To view a typical shop drawing Click here


Boom Gates
Ideal for controlling traffic flow into areas such as car parks. No restriction to pedestrians, yet a deterrent to vehicles. Can cover up to 6 metre spans with one boom. Boom rotation time is very short compared to a swing gate


Commercial/Industrial Gates
Many Strata title and industrial sites require a specific approach. Multiple users, together with the need for security, demand specific control equipment, special gate design and gate opening equipment.


Solar Gates
A realistic option when installation of power to a particular site is difficult and costly. The solar cell requires an open area without shade to maximise the advantage of the sun's energy. The solar aspect does have a significant cost depending on the individual requirements.